Kidney Disease

Learn the definition of chronic kidney disease, and its risk factors and symptoms.


COVID-19 is significantly affecting people with kidney disease and their families.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is impacting people with kidney disease in so many complex ways. Those who are living with kidney disease or who have had a transplant are vulnerable and at greater risk as they have suppressed immune systems.


Please donate today so we can overcome this unprecedented challenge and continue providing vital services for people with kidney disease. 



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Date: 25/06/2020

A major clinical trial run by the Australasian Kidney Trials Network (AKTN) finds the drug allopurinol does not prevent worsening of kidney disease. 

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Date: 25/06/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) was first reported in December 2019. There is no need for alarm but people with kidney disease should be aware that, just like with the flu, they are at a higher risk of severe symptoms and complications from coronavirus.

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Date: 16/06/2020

We're pleased to announce Federal Government funding of over $700k to support world-first clinical guidelines to improve the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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