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Our first Chronic Kidney Disease Ambassadors

Kidney Health Australia’s Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Ambassador Program is pleased to announce its first endorsed CKD Ambassador practice, North Shore General Practice in Townsville.

CKD Ambassadors - North Shore GP

North Shore General Practice applied to take part in the CKD Ambassador Program with 11 GPs and 6 staff members enlisted. After initial data extraction and a staff education session, the practice focussed on assessing patients with hypertension to recall for a kidney health check, along with handing out assessment cards opportunistically to patients in the waiting area.

With half of their adult population considered as having at least 1 risk factor for CKD, North Shore General Practice increased the number of patients with diagnosed CKD by more than 200% over the duration of the activity. 75% of these people were classified as stage 1-3 CKD; this is considered early stages of CKD (before any symptoms develop). Pro-active management in the early stages of CKD have been shown to reduce the progression of CKD compared to being left undiagnosed.

This practice is being recognised as a CKD Ambassador practice because they have:

  • Implemented best-practice systems to detect Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in high risk people
  • Implemented best-practice systems to manage people with CKD
  • Demonstrated an understanding of the importance of the kidney and the diagnosis of CKD

Awakabal Medical Service
Awakabal Medical Service is an Aboriginal Health Service in Hamilton, NSW. This health service completed kidney health checks on their patients and were able to increase their CKD diagnosis recording two-fold with high risk patients. The nurses and doctors at Awakabal Medical Service have included a Kidney Health Check in all their health checks for each patient.

Congratulations Dr James Stephen and team for completing the CKD Ambassador program!

Subbiah Family Practice
Dr Nandini Subbiah applied to take part in the CKD Ambassador as a sole GP. Dr Subbiah doubled the amount of patient diagnosed with CKD in the practice software to a total of 11.7%. This percentage directly correlates to the population health data available for the local area of Port Macquarie, NSW. Not only did the diagnosis rate increase the stage at which the CKD was detected saw about 95% of the patients with CKD have CKD stage 1-3b (early stages of CKD). This is a fantastic outcome from the CKD Ambassador program, as early detection with best practice management is the fundamental means of reducing disease progression.

Congratulations Dr Subbiah for completing the CKD Ambassador program!

Comments from participants
“Participating in the CKD program was rewarding for both practitioners and patients.  We were able to identify and engage a number of at risk people to offer appropriate screening and treatment.  This is sure to make a big difference in short and long term outcomes!”
Dr Chris Stelmaschuk

“As a clinical group, we realised we were not accurately coding for CKD and that this was increasing the risks of prescribing/ medication errors. This was of particular concern as most CKD patients have multiple co-morbidities and are subject to poly-pharmacy.  The CKD QI program was a great way to improve our knowledge and systems around renal disease.”
Dr Martin McGahan

For more information:
Visit: kidney.org.au/ckd-ambassador
Call: 1800 454 363
Email: [email protected]

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