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National Strategic Action Plan for Kidney Disease

The Commonwealth Government tasked Kidney Health Australia with developing the country’s first National Strategic Action Plan for Kidney Disease in recognition of the significant and growing impact of kidney disease on the health and wellbeing Australians as well as the economic impact on society.

The plan will articulate a national vision for preventing chronic kidney disease (CKD) and improving the lives of those affected by CKD, underpinned by the effective use of research, evidence and data. The intended audiences for the Action Plan include the Australian and state and territory governments, health service providers and funders, clinicians, consumers, researchers and research funders. Achieving the plan’s vision will require coordinated national action and partnerships across all levels of government and the health system, non-government organisations, the private sector, researchers and academics, and people affected by CKD.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent survey and stakeholder forums helping to shape the development of the Action Plan. 

The Action Plan will be accompanied by documents detailing the evidence base supporting the Action Plan, a stocktake of relevant programs and initiatives at a state and national level, and a summary of the consultation undertaken in developing the Action Plan. 


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