Overview of key issues relating to our kidney community

Our advocacy is focussed solely on our vision – to save and improve the lives of Australians affected by kidney disease.  This is achieved through our mission - to promote good kidney health through education, advocacy, research and support.

We do this by spurring governments to action by calling for improvements to existing policies, developing new and innovative ideas for adoption, and by being the 'voice' of those with kidney disease, especially when things clearly aren’t working.

We work to prevent the development of chronic disease, partnering with alliance members to encourage healthier food choices through better food labelling, increased physical activity, better programs and more active living spaces, and through targeted campaigns against things like high salt, high sugar and tobacco use. 

We work to encourage early detection of kidney disease through new and improved health checks, such as the Integrated Health Check – something we are calling for with Diabetes Australia, the Heart Foundation and the Stroke Foundation. We also work to highlight the need for more attention and investment in tackling chronic kidney disease in Australia's national strategies, funding and partnerships, as well as through professional education of the medical and clinical community. 

A great deal of our advocacy is to support those on dialysis, and for carers of those living with end stage kidney disease – through advocating for increased home dialysis support, better dialysis provision, improved transport support and availability, access to carer support and payments, increased respite services, and accommodation subsidies to cover time away from home for training and dialysis.

Of course we continue to work with the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority to improve organ donation rates, and through our ongoing and continuing advocacy, for improved live organ donation support, including the world leading live organ donor paid leave program. 

And a critical area of our work is to support the most vulnerable in our community, including focussing on the specific issues that may affect those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. This includes the issues of dialysis availability, culturally appropriate care, strong and effective representation and increased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce and educational materials.

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