A bequest is a simple, yet powerful way to donate a gift that will provide ongoing support to a cause that matters to you. With little or no impact on your lifestyle today, you have the opportunity to contribute to the valuable work of Kidney Health Australia, and the kidney community of Australia.

Every gift has an enormous ongoing impact on our ability to plan our programs and support more than 1.7 million Australians affected by kidney disease for the long term.

The impact of a bequest

In 1971, Twanny received a gift he will always be thankful for. “I underwent a kidney transplant just a few weeks after my 18th birthday.” Remarkably, that same donated kidney is still serving Twanny well today.

For Twanny, leaving a gift to Kidney Health Australia in his Will is his way of giving back to the organisation that has done so much for him.

“I once heard someone say you don’t have to be rich to leave a gift in your Will to charity and it stuck.” Twanny decided to remember Kidney Health Australia in his Will and he is excited that it will be used so practically—it’ll be an ongoing investment into research that will advance treatments for future generations diagnosed with kidney disease.

“Transplants were relatively new when I had one. So many people worked to keep me alive. I hope I’ll fund research that keeps people alive in the future.”

Making a bequest

After taking care of your loved ones, perhaps you would like to consider a gift bequest to Kidney Health Australia. In gratitude, we honour all our valued bequests in our Kidney Health Australia Bequest Society.

If you would like further information on leaving a Gift in your Will, we can send you our Gift in Will Brochure: Your Gift to the next generation. Please email Bequest Officer, Roberta Armitage via email [email protected] or phone directly on 03 9674 4383.

Suggested wording

You may consider our suggested wording for a bequest to Kidney Health Australia in your Will:

1. I give to The Australian Kidney Foundation ABN 37 008 464 426 (here state the money or assets to be gifted or the residual estate) for its charitable purposes but if this gift cannot take effect, to the charitable organisation in Australia which my Executors consider most nearly fulfils the objects I intend to benefit.

2. The receipt of the Chief Executive Officer or the President for the time being of the beneficiary named in or selected by my Executors under the preceding sub-clause shall be an absolute discharge to my executors.

Contact us

Please send your request with your contact details to:

Kidney Health Australia

Email: [email protected]

Post: GPO Box 9993, Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone: 1800 454 363

If you have already made provision in your Will to support the work of Kidney Health Australia, we encourage you to notify us of this wonderful gesture to the kidney community of Australia.

Please complete our Gift in Will notification form and send or email to address above. Your Will and gift is private and confidential and will not be disclosed in any way without your consent.

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