Firstly, may we offer our sincere condolences if you are offering an In Memoriam donation. You may have lost someone dear to you, and at this sad time, we are heartened by your thoughtfulness and generosity.

By giving a donation in memory of your loved one's life, you support our programs and help improve the health and quality of life of people living with kidney disease, and that of their families and carers. 

Your valued memorial donation can be even greater by asking family and friends to contribute as well.

98% of our fundraising depends on community support, your support is much appreciated.


In Memorium funeral donation envelopes

You may wish to collect donations at the funeral of a loved one, to pass onto Kidney Health Australia. 

As next of kin, when making funeral arrangements ask your Funeral Director to contact us, and we will provide your Funeral Director with our special envelopes for the funeral service of your loved one.

Envelopes can be handed to the Funeral Attendant on the day, or taken away by guests to send back later to Kidney Health Australia. Be sure to include the name of the deceased and the next of kin's name and address. The nominated next of kin will receive a list of names of all memorial donors.

Contact Kidney Health Australia on freecall 1800 454 363 or email [email protected].


In Memorium online donations

A simple In Memorium online donation can be made through our website donation page.

Please note, we are currently limited in the details we can take regarding In Memorium online donations through our website form.


In Memorium online donation collection

In Memorium online donations can be collected online.

GoFundraise and MyCause have dedicated fundraising websites that allows you to build your own fundraising page, and email or share the link to your contacts who can donate online immediately. It's a quick, easy and a great way to share your fundraising message.





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