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About home dialysis

This section of our website provides health professionals with:

  • information and educational resources about home dialysis.
  • an array of teaching tools and resources that can be accessed when teaching patients about home dialysis options and how to manage home dialysis.

‘A Model for Home Dialysis – Australia 2012’ 
This detailed and referenced report considers every aspect of home dialysis, from clinical governance to the practical aspects of getting a patient home. It highlights where barriers may exist in current programs. You can download a copy here.

Statistics for home dialysis
ANZDATA is the key provider of dialysis data for Australia and New Zealand. This PowerPoint presentation provides data to 2013, based on statistics from the ANZDATA report of December 2013. Some state breakdowns of the data can be found here.

Useful video link 
This report produced by ABC News gives an overview of the importance of home dialysis as a treatment option. You can view the report here.

Further information
If you have any enquiries about home dialysis please phone us on freecall 1800 454 363 or email [email protected].

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