‘My Kidneys, My Choice’
‘My Kidneys, My Choice’ is a decision-aid, published in Australia for people with chronic kidney disease who are weighing up their treatment options. There is an accompanying guide for health professionals to help you support your patients in making the most appropriate choice. 

To learn more about dialysis options, see the digital version of ‘My Kidneys, My Choice’ here

Other educational opportunities are associated with the decision-aid. To obtain sample copies, request education support, or to request the password for the health professional section of the digital decision aid, email [email protected]

Download pdf versions of the 'My Kidneys My Choice' decision aid:

- for health professionals here

- for patients here

Please note: these are large files, so there may be a delay in downloading the full pdf copy.

‘An Introduction to Home Dialysis’
‘An Introduction to Home Dialysis’ is an easy-to-read booklet focusing on the lifestyle aspect of choosing home dialysis, including daily routine, work and leisure activities, diet and fluids and the associated health benefits. We published the booklet in collaboration with the Renal Resource Centre. Download a copy here.

For a hard copy, please freecall our Kidney Health Information Service on 1800 454 363 or email [email protected]

Electrical standards for home dialysis installations
Dialysis installations (both haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis) at home are regulated by Australian standards. For a quick summary click here.

‘Myth-busting Fact Sheet: Home Dialysis’
This fact sheet provides the answers to many frequently asked questions about both types of home dialysis. It’s suitable for health professionals and patients. The sheet was published by the HOME Network with our assistance. Download a copy here (updated 2016)

‘A Model for Home Dialysis – Australia 2012’
This detailed and referenced report considers every aspect of home dialysis, from clinical governance to the practical aspects of getting a patient home. It highlights where barriers may exist in current programs. Around 100 home dialysis references are included, many from Australia. Download a copy here.

‘Australia and New Zealand – Statistics for Home Dialysis’
This simple but informative PowerPoint presentation gives home dialysis statistics to 2012, based on ANZDATA, with some state breakdowns of the numbers. Download the presentation here.

Peritoneal dialysis position statement
The Home Dialysis Advisory Committee developed this position statement to promote international and national best practice guidelines for peritoneal dialysis. It is endorsed by the Dialysis, Nephrology and Transplant committee. Download a copy here.

Text books (dialysis focused)
You may find these textbooks useful for reference.

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