Home HD involves the learning of both practical skills and theoretical understanding. Ratios of nursing staff need to be adequate to allow one-on-one training where required, but in practice this is not always possible.

Commonly accepted ratios for Home HD are 1:15. It’s recognised that Indigenous and remote communities are factors that increase the need for lower patient ratios. 

The Queensland renal clinical network in 2010 determined a ratio of 1:10 for Home HD and 1:15 for PD as desirable and for review in 2011.

General information on training for PD is provided in our ‘Teaching peritoneal dialysis (PD)’ section, which you can go to here.

Home HD training is far more intensive and involves:

  • health assessment and programming of the machine
  • setting up and priming the machine
  • cannulation
  • commencing dialysis
  • trouble-shooting
  • completion of dialysis
  • disinfection and cleaning of the machine
  • care and management of water treatment.

Information sheets, check learning aids, risk assessment and trouble-shooting are some of the tools required.

The Home HD equipment providers have some excellent tools for teaching their specific systems. You can find links to their teaching tools here.

Home HD Hub
The international Society for Hemodialysis (ISHD) has developed a complete suite of guidelines for any dialysis unit that is offering home haemodialysis. The guidelines include infrastructure, funding, workforce, patient safety, patient selection and training, vascular access, water and machines.

You can download these documents here.

Training tools
Any fear has the potential to be a barrier to achieving success at training. Many people who are preparing for or doing Home HD have a fear of cannulation. Early identification, acknowledgement and strategies to overcome this fear will minimise the negative impact.

These training tools may be of benefit:

References for this section of our website are all from ‘The Report on Home Dialysis’, which you can download here.

Further enquiries
If you have any queries about teaching Home HD, please phone us on freecall 1800 454 363 or email [email protected].

Home dialysisTeaching self-management
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