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90% of kidney function can be lost without any symptoms, and there are currently 5 million adults living in Australia at risk of developing chronic kidney disease due to risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin.

Alarmingly, most people are blind to kidney disease. In fact, there are currently 1.5 million people in Australia who are unaware that they already have early stages of it... That’s why, this year during Kidney Health Week, it’s vital that we open everyone’s eyes to kidney disease and raise awareness of the critical need for early detection.

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Your story has the power to educate other Australians about the critical need for early detection, and together we can raise life-saving awareness and much-needed funds to support vital research into early detection and prevention.

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Kidney Health Week Public Event

Kidney Health Week Public Event – Queensbridge Square

On Saturday, 13 April from 12.30pm – 8.30pm, there will be a free public event at Queensbridge Square in Melbourne to open people’s eyes to kidney disease and to promote good kidney health. The public will learn all about their kidneys at the Kidney Health Australia and World Kidney Day booths, and find out if they are at risk of developing kidney disease at the Priceline Health Hub where they will have their BMI and blood pressure measured, and take the Kidney Risk Test.

The event will also feature the screening of the touching documentary “Dying to Live”, a film about the complex world of organ and tissue transplantation and the heart-wrenching stories of real people awaiting life-saving organs in Australia.

Screening times will be 1.30pm, 3.15pm, 5pm and 6.45pm.

Donate Life will be on site to educate people about the importance of becoming an organ donor, and to help people to register on the day.

What else you can expect

Kidney Health Australia’s award-winning Big Red Kidney Bus mobile dialysis unit will take pride of place in the middle of the square for people to take a tour and learn about dialysis, and to also watch the short-listed films from the World Congress of Nephrology competition.

To further raise awareness of kidney disease, and in line with ‘Don’t be blind to kidney disease’, red eye-masks will be handed out for people to take a photo wearing the mask and post it online with the hashtag #iKidneyCheck.

Join us on Saturday 13 April, 2019 any time from 12.30pm to 8.30pm at Melbourne’s Queensbridge Square!

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